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Raising Loved goldendoodles❤

Family Pets

All of our dogs are raised and live with us, they are not kennel dogs. Pups from day 1 are handled and played with daily by our 6 children.  Puppies are well socialized. 

Who We Are

We live in rural NorthWestern Montana where everyone has plenty of room to roam. With our weather  alternating from several feet of snow in the winter to hot and dry summers, Goldendoodle are perfect pets for the changing seasons. We are a large family with six kiddos and Goldendoodles have proved to be an amazing family pet. 

What Makes a Goldendoodle so Great

Here are a few Goldendoodle traits that make them so amazing:

*Low to no hair loss or dander- great for hypoallergenic families.

*Devoted, loyal, protective, family pets😁

*They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and coats.

*Enjoy an active lifestyle.  

*Many more you will discover when owning a Goldendoodle.